Physician Self-Marketing Plan

Preparing for and developing your self-marketing plan includes four elements:

Self-discovery and assessment

Self-discovery helps you clarify values, interests, accomplishments, skills, strengths, ideal culture, and environment. This personal information forms the foundation for defining your personal mission and purpose statement, as well as drafting career objectives. It is vital to developing and applying your self-marketing plan.

Networking and information interviewing

You’ll be surprised how many people you know and can include on a detailed contact list. Most physicians create a contact list of well over 300 friends, colleagues, and business associates. You’ll learn how to use your contact list, which usually is an untapped resource. Then, train for and practice planning and doing information interviews.

Creating a database and resume

This unique step helps you identify past accomplishments and experiences, so you can use them to create a personal profile or database. You then draw from the database to customize your CV for particular opportunities. Hal offers temples to guide you. Typically, a physician’s CV follows a tired pattern: listing first his or her education, board certifications, and residency information. Instead, you’ll have a personal database with detailed descriptions of your accomplishments and experiences that you can apply to a CV for each unique opportunity.

Developing your job-search plan

Select specific job-search strategies that meet your needs: "networking" your contacts, using marketing letters, search firms, classified ads, the Internet, and making cold calls.

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