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Career Planning

Answer 3 key planning questions to take charge of your career:

1.Who am I? Discover what gives you "passion" by exploring your values, interests, skills that energize & motivate, prior accomplishments, likes/dislikes, preferences and preferred work environment.

2.Where am I going? Explore practical & ideal career goals. Research alternative goals by planning for and conducting information interviews.

3.How will I get there? Develop your career plan with both a short- and long-term focus. A career plan might include negotiating changes in your current job; going back to school; expanding interests outside of work through volunteering; or deciding to begin a job search.

Job Search

Are you searching for a new job in the same industry or are you looking at making a career switch? We offer a comprehensive job search program customized to your unique situation, need and requirements. Below is a list of services. All sessions are confidential, one-on-one conducted by Hal Patterson.

The program includes:

  • Initial session to assess situation, needs and identify a job search action plan
  • Self discovery and assessment
  • Resume & cover letter preparation – creating your resume data base
  • Write targeted correspondence that get the readers attention
  • Develop networking skills – use social network sites to your benefit
  • Use information interviewing to your benefit
  • Develop confidence in interviewing
  • Negotiate the job offer
  • Spouse involvement
  • On-going coaching & support

Executive Coaching

You are a highly motivated and responsible, but have you taken the opportunity to step back to contemplate your own career or professional development? Often more inclined to put off reflecting about yourself and your future to "another day," have you found yourself stuck in a situation or job that isn't motivating or energizing! Maybe it's time to step back to focus on you and your next professional steps. You may have gotten to where you are now without addressing your changing interests, preferences and personal plans; your strengths, limitations, and development needs.

Executive coaching integrates professional development and planning with personal development. Coaching engages with you in customized ways to help you know yourself better as a professional. Coaching helps you slow down, gain awareness, and get feedback on the effects of your words and actions. It is active learning that:

  • Identifies essential communication and relationship skills
  • Reduces destructive behaviors and enhances teamwork
  • Helps you adapt to new responsibilities and realities
  • Aligns your personal goals to the organization’s goals
  • Integrates personal development and organizational needs


Do you need to improve your organization's operational performance, get the best from your people or recruit staff? Since 1990, we have helped hundreds of organization's grow, lead, and prosper.

Your organization will benefit from using our diverse leadership practices and strategies:

  • Improve operations through strategic planning and performance management/evaluation.
  • Develop management & supervisory skills.
  • Strengthen team & individual communication skills.
  • Conduct customized on-site training and development programs.
  • Plan & develop human resources , identify appropriate staffing levels.
  • Develop boards/governance, and
  • Recruitment.

Your organization gets customized help, not generic "canned" approaches. We combine national-level experience with a knack for regional issues to bring you innovative, practical, real-time solutions.


Searching to fill a key position for your organization? If you are, it’s critical to find the right person. The success of your business depends on your ability to uncover the best possible candidates, conduct well planned interviews, and make a confident final selection.

We are experienced and dedicated to helping you identify, interview, evaluate, and hire the best possible people. We invest the time to fully understand your unique needs, requirements, and expectations. We ask detailed questions during the process to make sure you select the type of person who best fits your organizational culture.

You can make the right selection! But it does take work!

PattersonEnterprisesLtd.com is a leadership, management, career planning and coaching company dedicated to helping executives, management teams and individual contributors learn and implement customized leadership and communication practices critical to not only surviving but thriving in a rapidly changing environment.

Leadership practices include strategic planning, performance management/evaluation, team communications/building, improving corporate cultures, human resource practices, developing boards/governance and customized on-site training and development programs.


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