Career Planning


What is career planning?

Career planning is a highly active process on your part; it's a personal self discovery process designed to help you learn more about yourself thereby enabling you to make better career choices -- rather than some one else making those decisions FOR YOU!  Through confidential one-on-one sessions, you'll explore three key steps of career planning:

1st:  Discover your career self — answering the question "Who am I?"

2nd: Define your career goals — answering the question "Where am I going?"

3rd: Develop a career plan — answering the question "How am I going to get there?

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What do I need to do?

All you need to do is make a commitment to yourself; to give yourself permission to "take the blinders" off and explore who you really are with regard to what you love to do; what truly gives you passion for work and play.

How does your program work?

You'll receive a comprehensive notebook filled with career assessment activities. Over four to five weeks, you'll explore, in depth, your values, interests, those skills that energize and motivate; your preferences, likes and dislikes. Your goal -- arrive at a point where you can clearly define for yourself and to others, what gives you true PASSION and meaning in your work and play.

What's my next step?

Call Hal Patterson at (303) 881-8500 or email him to discuss your situation and schedule an appointment.

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