Job Search

You have just found out about an exciting new job opportunity.  It's the career opportunity you've dreamed of.  OR, you've just experience the shock of a life time -- you lost your job!

In either situation, are you prepared to market yourself in a way that confidently communicates experience that directly relates to the needs and requirements of that job?  Can you convince an interviewer that you are the one they should hire?  Can you project yourself in a way that inspires confidence, professionalism, and success?  In other words, do you have the self-marketing skills necessary to land the "ideal" job?

Take charge of your job search by:

  • Develop a self-marketing planHal will meet with you to discuss your search needs & goals, review the transition services available, and suggest a plan including any advice on matters requiring immediate attention. He will help you develop an action plan that includes transition coaching, customized job search techniques, and career planning.
  • Self discovery and assessmentThe self- discovery process is designed to help you clarify values, interests, accomplishments, skills, strengths, ideal culture, and environment. This personal information forms the foundation for defining a personal mission/purpose statement as well as drafting career objective(s). This information is important in helping you prepare a self-marketing plan. Click on the Career Planning tab for more information.
  • Prepare your resume/CV database; Cover letters
    Your resume/cover letter is the first contact you have with a potential employer - so make it count! Consider your resume/cover letter a persuasive document where you persuade the reader to "pick up the phone and call!" To meet this objective, you'll learn about crafting a resume/CV database. Rather than using the same "one-size-fits-all" resume for each job opportunity, you'll learn how to use the database to customize cover letters and resumes that are unique for EACH application you submit. Templates are provided. Developing a CV or resume data base also helps you prepare for and conduct interviews more effectively.
  • Write letters that get attention
    In addition to cover letters and resumes we'll explore ways to effectively prepare other written correspondence including marketing and introduction letters; thank-you notes that follow an information or job interview, and follow-up letters. We'll also cover how to respond to those hated rejection letters. Templates are provided and letters are reviewed and feedback given.
  • Network & Information interviews
    Networking is the key to a successful job search. Techniques are provided on how best to develop and nurture a personal network that produces quality leads. Training and practice is provided in planning for and conducting information interviews -- a most effective networking tool.
  • Prepare for and participate in job interviews
    Interviewing ability is critical for a successful job search. You will plan for and practice interviewing techniques. Your goal: improve confidence and competence at taking charge of the job interview by learning how to uncover specific needs of an hiring organization and how best to match your accomplishments to those needs. Executives will learn techniques to present themselves in the most positive and effective manner including 1) making a positive first impression, 2) preparing for typical interview questions; 3) responding to questions, 4) asking questions that draw out critical information and 5) follow-up activities.
  • Negotiate the final agreement and employment agreement.
    Training is provided that helps you prepare for and negotiate job offers including base salary, bonuses, other non-monetary items, and benefits. We'll also discuss using an employee agreement as a win-win communication tool for both you and the organization.


How does the program work?

Call Hal Patterson at (303) 881-8500 or email him to discuss your situation and receive an in depth explanation of the job search process and fees. Once you decide to move forward, we'll schedule your first session and get to work!

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