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Sent as a follow up to one of Hal's seminars:
I took Hal's tutorial on job search. I used many of the ideas Hal presented in the class on my next job application. I received an offer (and I accepted it) in five weeks from the beginning the search process.

Sr. Consultant

Before reading Hal's book: I have been busy interviewing and received an offer letter today from my first choice! I am also a “finalist” for two other medical group practice administrator jobs. I still have one more interview scheduled. I’m planning to proceed with that interview. This way I will be sure I have made the right decision.

Hal’s book was so very helpful to me. I brought the book to my “outplacement center” and discussed it in our team meeting. I had the best response to the resume/cover letter format Hal suggested. I’ve told Hal, “If you need a testimonial let me know!”

After reading Hal's book: I’m in week six of my new job and love it! Thanks to Hal for his advice this fall and writing such a great book. I realize now he was right when we met. I’m so glad I have “taken charge” of my career. I am so much happier in this job than my previous one.


I can’t report that there is anything new in my life. Perhaps the only significant thing is that we have purchased a new house and in doing that have made at least a 10 year commitment to the area. Hal is responsible for me making that commitment. After I attended his career planning seminar, I interviewed for other positions several times and cut the interview process short, thinking – why do I want to leave such an ideal job just to have a larger paycheck and more responsibility? I must have been crazy! Well, I guess we all have to go through certain processes to fully realize what we want. Thanks Hal!

Medical Group CEO


I’d done a LOT of soul searching once I realized I’m not matched with my current job. Hal’s assistance was fundamental to the thinking process I needed to do. I appreciate his approach, particularly the values and skills assessment. It helped me acknowledge what I really enjoy and what I’m good at doing . . . so for now, back to the hospital, knowing changes are coming !!!

Medical Office Administrator

The job search began with highest expectation. It had been fourteen years since I had looked for a job. The last time it took four months. This time, I had all the experience and my expectations were high.

After six months with no interviews, I knew something was drastically wrong. My instincts told me to rewrite my resume in a new format. I had to get someone’s attention! I checked the local phone directory for resume writers. Then I checked the web. After looking several of them over, I decided I needed someone who specialized in writing healthcare executive resumes. So, I did the right thing.

I called the customer service center at the Medical Group Management Association. They referred me to Hal Patterson. After five minutes on the phone with Hal, I knew I was in trouble. I learned how ineffective my resume was and how competitive the healthcare executive job market was.

Not only did Hal provide the resume format that eventually led to my placement in the right job in the right location, he provided me with moral support to get through this difficult time.

My only mistake was that I didn’t start my job search with Hal.

To secure an executive position in this market REQUIRES someone like Hal to help you reach your goal. Frankly, I don’t know anyone else who does what Hal does. After working with Hal, the market doesn’t need anyone else.

D. Nelson

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